Warrior's Song

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Her father if fighting for General Lee, her mother has recently died, and fourteen-year old Sayre Howard braces for the onslaught of Union troops. With her is Freeman, a freed slave who chose to remain on the small Howard farm, and Southern Warrior, the chestnut Saddlebred now hidden from the advancing Yankees in a makeshift stall in a hill near the farm.

The Yankees come by the farm on their way to Savannah after their victory in Atlanta, and Sayre meets Lt. Daniel and his horse, Trace, and Captain Henry. After the enemy passes, Sayre visits Warrior, but Joe, the Bummer, one of the most notorious scavengers in the annals of the Civil War, finds the hideout and steals the prized horse. The officers particularly like Saddlebred because they are beautiful, strong, and very intelligent. Joe tells Sayre to remain at the stall until he and Warrior get down the hill. Sayre stumbles home to find that Joe's companions have torched her house and barn. The only things Freeman has managed to save because he had hidden them earlier from the Union soldiers, was Sayre's book of feathers, and her father's book of Shakespeare and his fiddle.


About Jane Price Harmon

Jane Harmon is a teacher in Atlanta Georgia. She loves history, animals and has had an enduring passion for horses. She lives in an historic neighborhood in the heart of the city with her husband, four dogs, a cat a Bearded Dragon and two Saddlebred horses.



The moonlight made Warrior's flaxen mane shine as if lit by fireflies. Sayre gripped the lead rope with a determination that had come from her Irish grandmother, whose auburn hair and freckles she had also inherited. Warrior nickered softly and Sayre kissed his nose.


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